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We all know what is said when someone is arrested:
You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you in thr court of law.

We have seen this so many times that we think that's how it goes. But in reality, this text is only used in the state California (where Hollywood is located) and is used before an interrogation, not at the time of arrest.

So when we see something enough in fiction, we think that's how it goes.
When we are placed in the same situation, we think we have to do the same.
Fiction then becomes reality.

In American fiction, when there is a wedding, the one who can catch the flowers is the next to get married.
Here in Europe, we now think that's how you are supposed to do it, and you will now find this at many european weddings too.
These people just think that's how it's always been.

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