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Memes are just as selfish as genes: all they really care about is their own survival and reproduction.

For a meme to be good at reproduction, there are no objective qualities involved such as truth, beauty and the like.
Conspiracy theories that have no ground are usually much more popular than well founded theories that happen tio be true.
Even memes that lead to a certain death can be very popular: For example suicide bombing.

But just like humans can use genetical manipulation to put genes to their own use, so can they use memetical manipulation to put memes to their own use.

Humans can use memes in a synergatic way to help a group of humans accomplish a task. They can use them like pheromones in ant colonies.

Time for the invention of a new word, that has been used just a few times before on the internet. Memes that are used in a synergetic way should be called pheromemes.

As an example, humans can communicate memes through bug tracking systems to build working software.

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 5:44 PM Artificial Intelligence | Back to top

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