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If god exists, only programmers can really understand how he works.
In the beginning there was nothing.
Then he started running his program, and space and time started to emerge.

If it would be possible to build a big enough computer, we could run a simulation of the universe that would be exactly the same.

If this simulated would would contain life, would this be real or simulated life?
The creatures living in the simulation would certainly think their world is the only real world, and they could never imagine their god, the proghrammer.

The world and the simulation are essentially the same.

This theory has now been discussed on wired news.
Thanks Nikos for pointing me to this.

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2004 5:10 PM Artificial Intelligence | Back to top

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Well, this post is really pretty old, but the subject intrigues me, so I will drop a thought... I believe my history gives me enough authority to comment.

I started programming at age 7, and have been programming for more than 20 years... I grew up as a committed atheist, but upon experiencing God I was shown the error of my ways :o)

In any case, before I knew God, I had envisioned just such a theory, and I invested a lot of time and energy into pondering it... after coming to know God, I have further pondered the theory and here is the thought...

As a programmer, how do you generate a program that could receive and express love. Everything else is worthless. If you created a program that would run at startup so that when you logged onto your computer it told you that it loved you... well, that may make you feel good for a couple of days (though only if you could forget that you programmed it to do so)... but very shortly, it would be totally meaningless... so how could you create something that loves? Any attempt to program such a thing would be meaningless.

Anyone who believes love to be chemical in nature has not experienced love... and any programmer who has experienced love must admit that it transcends any programmatic instruction.

If you happen to get this (I doubt that you will because of the amount of time that has lapsed), please send me an e-mail at my e-mail account which is praiseGod777. I would be interested to hear your thoughts...
Left by Chris on Apr 12, 2005 10:20 PM

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