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After the soup had existed for a very long time, self replicating molecules were formed in it.
Of course since they were self replicating they soon started filling the whole soup, and many variations of these molecules were formed. The ones that could replicate the best and exist the longest in the environment survived.
Later the molecules developed a protective membrane. These were cells. Now the molecules started to replicate the whole cell.
Cells exchanged their molecules, united, and so on, to form stable formations of molecule/cell combinations. Smaller cells (microchondria) invaded the larger cells and started to live inside them, working together with the molecules of the larger cell in synergy.
And then the cells (with the smaller cells inside them) formed colonies. First small groups of cells, but increasingly larger colonies. In these colonies cells started to behave differently depending on their position in the colony. A complex synergetic structure developed.
The colonies became larger and larger, and their interactions became more and more complex. Much like an ant colony, but even much more complex.
The specializations were encoded in the molecules in the form of fractal formulas.
Certain types of cells in the colony were specialized in synergy. They are called neurons. The neurons, who could communicate with each other very well, using techniques remarkably similar to pheromone trails in ant colonies, could help the colony in its whole to act as one being, capable of reacting to the environment, learning, remembering and so on.
Other cells were specialized in reproduction (splitting off stem cells that could take a position in the colony and then specialize).
Other cells specialized in fighting intruders, transporting food and so on.
Like there are many types of bees in a swarm, so were there many types of cells in a cell colony.
In the end, such complex colonies of millions of little creatures, each specializing in a certain task and working together in a complex synergy, took the form of a human swarm. Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2004 7:58 PM Artificial Intelligence | Back to top

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Human swarm? Haven't thought of that since reading "Hellstrom's Hive."
Left by Kent Tegels on Feb 11, 2004 10:24 PM

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Simple riddle:

Nothing comes from nothing.

Our personality comes something.

We come from soup.

Soup is devoid of personality.

Personality is some kind of cosmic joke, played on us by Heinz. Or we have a personal beginning. One of the two...
Left by Matthew Lilley on Apr 06, 2005 6:02 PM

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