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Programming the Windows Shell is considered a very difficult discipline, only for one reason: Missing docs.
I was hit by this again recently.
The details shown under a file name in Tile View on Windows XP are determined like this:
  1. GetUIObjectOf is called to obtain an IQueryAssociations interface.
  2. This interface's GetString is called with the constant ASSOCSTR_TILEINFO.
  3. The format of the string returned is of the form "prop:{fmtid1} pid1;{fmtid2} pid2
Unfortunately, the docs on GetUIObjectOf don't mention IQueryAssociations, and the constant ASSOCSTR_TILEINFO is not to be found anywhere in the documentation.
The format of the string is also not mentioned anywhere, and is slightly different from formats used in other similar strings, where a comma is used to separate {fmtid} and pid, while here a space is used.
Thanks to Rhett Gong from Microsoft Support to help me with this. Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2004 8:32 PM Shell Programming | Back to top

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