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So here am I, Henk Devos, looking at my own writing...
So here am I, Henk Devos, being read by my own eyes...
The dilemma of Hamlet in Daniel C Dennet's "Where Am I", all over again.
But the question you are asking should rather be: Who am I?
And what is this blog about?
This being my first entry, i can't answer this adequately yet.
But the following will certainly come up:

  • Windows Shell Programming
  • Prepress and graphics software
  • Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life
  • Shareware, Software marketing, marketing in general
  • Politics
  • Questions about things i don't understand, in the hope you, the reader, can give me an answer.
  • Anything that comes to my mind that i think might be interesting enough to share with you (although you might not quite agree).

I hope you will enjoy it.

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2004 7:01 PM | Back to top

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