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Microsoft Online Services provides dedicated, enterprise-level hosted solutions for e-mail, collaboration, instant messaging and Web conferencing. Services are delivered from a highly reliable network of Microsoft data centers on servers systems dedicated to individual customer—enabling customers to use the latest productivity applications while reducing IT overhead.

I like this pages summary description of all the services that BPOS has to offer..good reading before downloading the must have content before actually start thinking about going the BPOS route for planning purposes...

Microsoft® Online Services offers dedicated hosting services for Microsoft productivity applications that are widely used by enterprise customers today. This set of documents provides service descriptions for the Microsoft® Exchange Online Dedicated messaging service, the Microsoft® SharePoint® Online Dedicated collaboration service, the Microsoft® Office Communications Online Dedicated instant messaging and communications service, and the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web conferencing service. Other documents in the set describe Microsoft Online components related to these services.

Microsoft Online Services: What's New in the April 2010 Update—This document describes the new features and capabilities available in the April 2010 Update of Microsoft Online services and products.

Microsoft Exchange Online Dedicated Service Description—The Microsoft® Exchange Online Dedicated service is an enterprise-class, remotely hosted e-mail messaging solution that uses the power of Microsoft Exchange Server to provide the mission-critical messaging services that businesses today require. This document provides information technology (IT) professionals who are interested in dedicated services from Microsoft Online Services with a description of the Exchange Online service offer.

Microsoft SharePoint Online Dedicated Service Description—Microsoft® SharePoint® Online Dedicated is a managed collaboration solution from Microsoft Online Services that provides your organization's employees with a way to efficiently work together, quickly locate organizational resources, search for experts and corporate information, manage content and workflow, and gain business insight to make better-informed decisions. This document describes the services and features that are included with the dedicated version of SharePoint Online and is intended for company decision-makers and IT professionals.

Microsoft Office Communications Online Dedicated Service Description—Microsoft® Office Communications Online Dedicated is a hosted, enterprise-class communications solution based on Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2. Office Communications Online provides your organization with real-time communications services including instant messaging (IM) and multiparty audio and video. It also provides presence, meaning that you can see at a glance whether someone is available online and contact that person with a click using IM or an audio conference. This document, intended for IT professionals, describes the services and features that are included with the Dedicated offering of Office Communications Online.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Service Description—Microsoft® Office Live Meeting is an enterprise-class Web conferencing service. With Live Meeting, companies and organizations can engage customers through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events that are presented over the Internet. This document provides IT professionals with a description of the Live Meeting service offer available to organizations that are using dedicated products and services from Online Services.

Microsoft Online Services Continuity Management—Service continuity management focuses on the ability to restore services for Microsoft® Online Services customers in a predetermined timeframe during a significant service outage. Achieving restored services requires preparation, planning, technical implementation, exercises that simulate outages, and execution at the time of an incident. This document describes the common approach to service continuity management that is taken by Microsoft Online Services across all of its dedicated services.

Microsoft Online Services Change Management Service Description—The Microsoft® Online Services Change Management team directs the process and procedures related to approval, scheduling, testing, and deployment of changes in the pre-production and production Microsoft Online Services infrastructure environments. The approach used in this service management function is built on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) standards, which aligns with the change management process in most customer organizations.

Microsoft Online Services Identity and Provisioning Service Description— Although the dedicated products offered by Microsoft® Online Services provide separate dedicated servers and storage for each customer, they also share certain infrastructure components and a common set of management services that provide high reliability, exceptional performance, and enhanced security. This document describes the following shared identity and provisioning components and processes that support delivery of Microsoft Online Services.

Microsoft Online Services Network Service Description—This document describes the Microsoft® Online Services networking infrastructure components and features that support delivery of Microsoft Exchange Online Dedicated, Microsoft SharePoint Online Dedicated, and Microsoft Office Communications Online. The document is intended for network engineers and system integrators who work with Microsoft Online Services customers.

Microsoft Online Services Support and Service Management Service Description—The Microsoft® Online Services support teams are committed to helping customers quickly and efficiently resolve service-related issues that end users may encounter when using Microsoft Online Services. This document describes the support services that are provided. The Microsoft Online Services service level management team works to ensure continued improvement and customer satisfaction with Microsoft Online Services technical and non-technical support services. The team promotes effective and efficient issue resolution by monitoring and evaluating service metrics and internal processes.

Microsoft SharePoint Online Custom Solution Policies and Process—Microsoft Online supports custom and third-party solution deployment on the Microsoft® SharePoint® Online Dedicated platform. Organizations can develop and deploy SharePoint line-of-business applications to extend the functionality of SharePoint Online. This document provides a description of Microsoft® Online Services support for custom solution development and deployment in the Microsoft SharePoint® Online Dedicated environment.

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