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hamilton *hammett* verissimo Another special person... just like everyone else February 2006 Entries
Married and bored or single and lonely
Quotes from the show Never scared If you've never stared at rat poison for 45 minutes, you've never been in love. If you've never practiced your alibi in front of a mirror and the only thing that made you give up was an episode of CSI, you've never been in love. Once you’re married, kiss all your dreams good-bye and “make the bitch happy.” Good relationship is simply eating and f*****. The longer you’re with someone, more eating and less f*****. It’s all about married and bored or single and lonely. ......

Posted On Tuesday, February 7, 2006 4:47 AM

Language improvements
So among one phase and other of Manhunt, I'm improving my brain exercise. Now it's able to deal with boolean expressions. I had to review the AST nodes implementation to allow some tree rewriting. a = 1 == 1 b = 1 != 2 x = 10 puts 3 * 90, a, b, x This produces the following initial AST AssignmentExp NameReferenceExpression (a) BinaryExp (....) AssignmentExp NameReferenceExpression (b) BinaryExp (....) AssignmentExp NameReferenceExpression (x) ConstantExp (10, int) MethodInvocationExp Target NameReferenceExpression ......

Posted On Sunday, February 5, 2006 12:06 AM

Type inference and polymorphic functions
I've been using my spare time to read about different languages and how they deal with types. It's amazing how good ideas are implemented in several non-mainstream languages that are not going to ever be known by most of programmers. Nevertheless, you can deduce that I'm working on a language. Indeed, just as a brain exercise. Fixing and improving Castle is nice and it's cool, but sometimes I need to research and try things on a different field. One of the things I wanted to make work was type inference, ......

Posted On Friday, February 3, 2006 9:51 PM

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