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Just looking through page hits and the quick little blurb I wrote about tools that C# developers should know about already 600 hits.

This gets me to thinking that alot of people don't really have the time to research such things. One can run over to and purchase all sorts of books on nunit, nant, nhibernate or cvs. One could also search around and find out lots of information on reflector and some of the other tools I mention. My thought of what would make a hugely successful book would be to condense alot of this information and to focus on integration, how do I get my current projects setup to use nant and support continuous integration? How do I apply a UML modelling tool with my development staff. Purely implementational and only spending maybe 20-30 pages coverring the basics of each topic with references of where to learn more and they key being how they interact with each other!.

Just my thought, but I would imagine it to be hugely successful!


Posted on Thursday, February 9, 2006 11:20 AM | Back to top

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