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  • gvdwiele @kpellegr P/E GOOG: 23,28, ARMH 77,39, TSM 17,36, QCOM 18,36. maw mobile bubble is een feit. Dan zet ik mijn geld liever in op AAPL. about 816 days ago

El Grego BizTalk blog September 2009 Entries
CharacterTranscoder pipeline component on
CharacterTranscoder is a BizTalk pipeline component + stream class that can transcode a stream from a configurable source encoding to a configurable target encoding. The source is now available on Git takes some time to get used to. I managed to put something online somehow, which means everybody should be able to :-) Microsoft also offered a free support case for the FFASM bug and the behavior is already reproduced at their side. Nice ......

Posted On Monday, September 21, 2009 7:50 AM

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