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For those who are wondering why I’m not blogging very regularly: It’s not that I’m lying on my back and sun-bathing on the beach or anything (which was never been an option since it has been snowing a lot), I'm just rather busy lately. I was doing a SP1 evaluation earlier, for which MS has granted me a prestigious award for ‘Most Valuable Debugger’. It’s a kind of a joke, but nevertheless I’m very proud and amused at the same time :-). I guess I will have to change my blogging style in order to make it up in the future. So expect some more ‘publish some ideas quickly’ posts soon…

Here is something very interesting - I’ve discovered it some time ago when I was searching for general background information about convoys. This explains why it’s so hard to find anything theoretical and not directly from MS. More precisely, the ‘Processing convoy workflow scenarios’ patent has been linked to 8 different people, amongst them 1 very famous blogger named Lee.


Posted on Monday, March 21, 2005 9:06 AM BizTalk - EAI - B2B | Back to top

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