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Mono Presentation

Last Thursday I took part in CONDG’s answer to Open Mike night; Lightning Talks. I presented for 10 minutes on Mono, an open source implementation of .NET.

You can watch it here:



… and slides are here:

I am happy to say it went better than I could have hoped, although I still need to work on my public speaking skills.

Just to clarify one thing, I know from talking to people after the presentation that there was some confusion about the operating system used. The correct answer is Linux (Ubuntu distribution).


Other presentations

There were 7 other presentations that evening, and they all kicked ass! I really liked the diverseness, but I think best of show easily goes to Alex Moore’sParallel Extensions to the .Net Framework” which in my opinion was the most exciting topic and was presented really well to boot. I also particularly liked Chris Treisch’s usability talk and Mel Grubb’s talk on WF Rules (although he a few million points for viciously Rick Rolling the audience).


We also had a surprise guest speaker, Mark Harris, the Program Manager who was in charge of Windows XP SP2. As you would expect, he was a lot of fun to listen to.


Last minute update:

I forgot to mention earlier, but a special thank you goes to my friend Matthew for lending my his laptop and letting me wreak havoc on there with the mono installation. My wife would have hurt me if I'd installed Linux on the family laptop...  Thanks are also due to the gentleman on the front row who agreed to film the presentation for me!

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