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Yup, my dog. I love this pic. Stanley is only about 6 months old at this point and 60lbs. Now he's hit 100lbs and coming up on 3yrs. He has to be the happiest dog in the world, doesn't seem to have a care in the world. Sleeps on his back with his feet up in the air or on the kid's picnic table as shown here. He actually doesn't anymore, he's a bit too big and tends to dream "rowdy" and wind up falling off (which is pretty funny to see). We've had him since he was a pup and I've only heard him growl once. My boys can take food out of his bowl, out of his mouth. You gotta love labs, his only flaw is that he will still chew up just about everything. I've got a good top ten list lying around somewhere. Chewed up plastic, wood, metal, glass, disconnected our cable (through PVC), ate the better part of a Bird of Paradise plant (5ft tall and apparently poisonous). He takes it all in stride. I think the key is he chews stuff up but doesn't really eat it. Otherwise, he'd be dead 10 times over. And don't think I leave these things lying around, he's gone over, under, through fencing. Our gas grill is surrounded by 9 gauge fencing. I can't imaging what he'd do to that. Yup, he's energetic and bored, we've all got school and jobs. I could crate him, but I leave him roaming in the back yard and try to make it as bomb proof as possible.  One plus, the kids never leave toys out in the back yard. If they forget, they get to figure out what is was while picking up all the minute pieces he's left behind.


Map image


Some of the mountain trails we hike with him. He did help me train for my one and only marathon. Any run 5 miles or less... he was there. He keeps a decent pace, but 5 miles at 8-9 min/mile pace is all he can do. Labs are built for fun not speed ;)

Well now back to reality. I've been playing with Telerik's RadTreeView. Cool control, but it's a little tough to work with when linking up to a data in a database. The data needs to be "just so". However, to create a hierarchical tree menu from a star schema database, may not be the obvious walk in the park.

Here's what I have-

<telerik:RadTreeView ID="RadTreeView1" runat="server" DataFieldID="PackageType1"
            DataSourceID="LinqDataSource2" DataTextField="PackageType1" DataValueField="PackageType1"
            onnodeexpand="RadTreeView1_NodeExpand" Skin="Telerik"
<CollapseAnimation Type="OutQuint" Duration="100"></CollapseAnimation>

<ExpandAnimation Duration="100"></ExpandAnimation>

<asp:LinqDataSource ID="LinqDataSource2" runat="server"
    ContextTypeName="EM.Facility.DAL.FacilityEMDataContext" EnableUpdate="True"

This is just the beginning. From here, I switch to code behind and load on demand. One big reason, I need to get lower level tree nodes from different fields from different tables. There's just no way to hook this up with a datasource. However, doing it dynamically works pretty slick. Compared to a grid control (RadGrid), where you'd have to use the grouping. You can present more data (albeit more limited). In a much cleaner and more navigable. As seen-


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