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Has anyone successfully gotten this sample to work in reporting services?

I noticed that the configurations left out one area in terms of forms authentication but even after finding and fixing that error, I still get a Server Not Available error.

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2004 6:04 AM | Back to top

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# Reporting Services cannot communicate to Report Server
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Please can you help me to know why this error has occurred..,

Left by Akshay on Dec 02, 2004 5:52 AM

# re: Trouble With MSDN Article on Reporting Services
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Have you successfully connected to the report server with just the standard install of Reporting Services without having made any changes whatsoever to the config files?

Left by Gerry O'Brien on Dec 02, 2004 7:38 AM

# reporting services on olap cubes
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There is one more problem that of hardcoding of dimension hierarchy. We have a report in SQL Reporting services where we want to show differences of two dates(i.e dd-mmm-yyyy) data on a single row for which i am fetching data from the fact tables ...The query which i have used is like this

with member [Measures].[Empname] as '[PersonDirects]' member [Measures].[ManagerName] as '[PersonDirects]' select crossjoin(Descendants([PersonDirects].currentmember,,leaves),Descendants([PersonGroup].[Area].members)) on rows,Union(crossjoin({[Time].[All Time].[FY02].[H2].[Q3].[Jan].[01 Jan 2002]},{[Measures].members}),crossjoin({[Time].[All Time].[FY05].[H2].[Q4].[Apr].[25 Apr 2005]},{[Measures].members})) on columns from useranalysis

This is fetching me the data on a single row by showing the diffences of those two dates on a single row, but when you check in the Reporting services Fields collection you can see that it has actually hardcoded all the fields with the dimension hierarchy so if i pass a dynamic value to the dates it doesn't display values for it

I have used various ways like putting those datevalue into set
another way i tried is like this

with member [Measures].[Empname] as '[PersonDirects]' member [Measures].[ManagerName] as '[PersonDirects]'
set Dateset as 'crossjoin(Descendants([PersonDirects].currentmember,,leaves),Descendants([PersonGroup].[Area].members))' set compareset as 'crossjoin(Descendants([PersonDirects].currentmember,,leaves),Descendants([PersonGroup].[Area].members))'
select union(compareset,Dateset) on rows,{[Measures].[Total Na Rated]} on columns,{[Time].[All Time].[FY02].[H2].[Q3].[Jan].[01 Jan 2002],[Time].[All Time].[FY05].[H2].[Q4].[Apr].[25 Apr 2005]} on pages from useranalysis

This is fetching me the data and not hardcoding those field which i want to display like the measures but it is not displaying them in the single row as the previous query does.

So Please can you suggest a solution for this. If you need any clarification you can mail me
Thankx in advance
Left by Hemant kanchan on May 12, 2005 7:06 AM

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