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A couple of weeks ago the site went live. It showed a television with the company logo's of Microsoft and Razer. The first couple of days after the launch nobody could confirm whether or not this was a bogus site collecting email addresses since you could register to be notified when the site went live. So a couple of days later Microsoft employees confirmed that the site was legit so what big announced did Microsoft had for us? Rumours were that they would finally release a PSP killer.

Today I have received an email notifying me that the site went live, big was my surprise to find out that it was not a portable gaming device but a Laser Gaming Mouse. But not just any Laser Gaming Mouse, this is the ultimate Laser Gaming Mouse if you play fast-paced First Person Shooters. Whenever I find the time for it I play "Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" which is a great game to train your reflexes. Network latency and a high precision mouse are very important when playing games like these therefore I will definitely buy the Habu in October, which will replace my current Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000.

Here are the most important features:

  • Customizable Buttons:
    Two removable side button panels give you options for different hand sizes or preferences, and all seven buttons are programmable—store up to five profiles in mouse memory.
  • High Speed Sensitivity Switching:
    Adjust mouse sensitivity on the fly—up to 2000 DPI – for controlled sensitivity. The default is 800 DPI but is adjustable from 400, 800, 1600 to 2000 DPI with the toggle buttons.
  • High-speed motion detection:
    Gamers get their speed on with movements up to 45-inches per second, 20-G acceleration and more than 7080 frames per second.
  • 16 bit Data Path and 1000 MHz Ultrapolling:
    Habu™ has a 16 bit data path for increased band-width with high-sensitivity mouse activity. Increased data path improves response time.
  • Superior Response Time:
    With an always-on laser that delivers near-zero-lag response time.
  • Mouse Glide:
    Habu™ has ultra-slick Teflon® to provide smooth and quiet gliding.
  • Ergonomic Design:
    A right handed comfort design allows slip-resistant grip with rubber-coated buttons for improved comfort for long hours of gaming. 

This is not the first mouse with a sens of up to 2000 dpi, the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse which is available for months already has a sense of up to 2000 dpi but I had to replace it because it felt too heavy. And there is off course the famous Razer Copperhead which already has the same specs as the Habu. So basically the Microsoft Habu brings us nothing new but this is just a must have.

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