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Book Notes from 'You Win in the Locker Room First' By Jon Gordon & Mike Smith


  • Relationships are the foundation upon which winning teams are built - and all great relationships are based on value, respect, love, trust and care.
  • Caring is a Strategy
    • Jonathan Ive: designed many of apples products said "we believe our customers can sense the care we put into our products
    • I believe caring is one of the greatest success strategies of all
    • The greatest organizations on the planet care about the work they do, the products they create, and the services they provide.
    • Caring trademark - this causes them to stand out from the competition.
    • When you care you stand out in a world where so many seem like they don’t care.
  • Care More
    • 'Who here believes they can work harder than they currently do?'
      • Every guy on the team raised their hand.
      • Next question is - 'if you know you can work harder - then why don't you?'
      • To work harder you have to care more.
      • When you care a bit more -  you give a little more time, a little more effort, a little more energy.
      • You may be a good team -- but to be a great team you have to care more.
    • Its hard to measure and quantify caring.
    • Feel there is something different about them.
    • People who are part of a team that cares think, act, lead and serve differently.
    • Pittsburg Pirates Creed - post throughout the facility
      • GM said "our goal is to be the most cohesive team in the world and our mindset is to focus on the process of getting better every day.
      • There was no talk of home runs, wins, or losses - just purpose, process and teamwork.
    • Pirates have discovered - that it's not the numbers that motivate people - it’s the culture, caring, and purpose that drives the numbers.
    • If you want to win - you don’t focus on winning.
    • Your leaders and managers have to model it for your team to live and breathe it.
    • Clint Hurdle
      • Clint is a big man with a bigger servants heart.
      • He wants to win but he's more interested in helping his players become winners.
      • Ive found that a great leader who cares builds a team that cares.
  • Creating a Culture of Caring
    • To build a winning team it's essential to build a culture of caring
    • Find ways to extend yourself to others and serve them.
    • People know you care when you go out of your way to show them they matter.
    • Never underestimate the importance of making time to make someone feel special.
    • Caring is the ultimate team-building strategy.
    • People make it complicated but its simple.
      • Care about the work you do.
      • Surround yourself with people who care.
      • Show your team you care about them.
      • Build a team that cares about one another.
      • Together show your customers/fans/students/patients that you care about them
    • Make caring a strategy.
  • Show You Care
    • We forget to show we care.
    • We don’t take the time to let others know we care about them.
    • Take a sincere interest in their professional work and personal lives.
    • When you care about your team they will give their all to you.
    • My team knows that I cared about them. I believe that, at the end of the day, what matters most is that we made an impact in the lives of others.
  • More than a Uniform and Number
    • If you want to build a winning team - you must value all team members for who they are, not just what they do.
    • Remind yourself that under each uniform or business suit is a person who has challenges, personal issues, pain, hurt, and human wants and needs
    • Every person, no matter how successful, want to be appreciated, respected and valued.
    • Get to know you team and see them as more than numbers.
    • Relationships are the foundation upon which winning teams are built, and all great relationships are based on value, respect, love, trust and care.
  • Transactional versus Transformational
    • One of the most important decisions you must make as a leader is whether you are going to be transactional or transformational
    • Joe Ehrmann - author of InsideOutCoaching
      • Transactional coaching
        • See teams as a bunch of numbers who are meant to help them succeed and win
      • Transformational coaching
        • See their role as a transformer of lives who helps each team member become the best version of him or herself.
        • Believe its their job to serve their team members in order to help them grow in skill and character.
          • Develop people
          • Serve their teams
          • Transform lives
  • Tough Love
    • Became a transformational parent and everything changed for the better.
    • Being a caring, transformational leader - doesn’t mean that you are weak and don’t challenge the people you lead.
    • I believe in tough love - but love must come first.
    • When you care, you will take the time to invest in relationships with your team members.
  • Discover Your Caring Trademark
    • Caring is a strategy
    • Most successful companies have a unique way to show they care - its their caring trademark.
    • Create your own caring trademark
    • So think about who you are and what you stand for.
    • Decide how you want to make a difference.
  • When you Care, Your Team will Care
    • Great benefits of caring - is that it is contagious.
    • When you care, you will build a team that cares and plays hard regardless of their record.
    • Over time, this creates consistency of effort, which creates long-term success.
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Caring is indeed, an important trait that each individual must show towards other people. - Dennis Wong YOR Health
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