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I do not know about you, but to all those who are dedicated to online marketing, do not you think, what ever Google is more like a religion? , A little rather yes, right? And if the Catholics have the figure of Moses, as the one who met on Mount Sinai with God, and were given the tables with the commandments, does not seem very far, the figure of A hipster sent from Google, instead of two heavy stones, carry a heavy tablet, with the commandments of good SEO in epub or pdf version, according to the god Google, who sees everything, knows everything, and is ubiquitous.

And, what would those 10 commandments of good SEO?, Because I believe without doubt that something very similar to what comes next, and these 10 commandments, not to fulfill them, expect many bad things to your website, more plagues than In a dark and humid basement, there we go with the 10 commandments ( here would molaría what has been a jingle in the style of the main 40 ).

 You will love Google about all the search engines , it may make you more or less grace, that power you have, that way of deciding how to stop in the Roman circus, what is good and bad, but Whether you like it or not, you have to love everything about marketing 2.0, you have to treat it with love and "respect" that would say Ali G, and listen very very much, everything that comes to say, because Google is like A mother, who gives you advice, which are not advice, but imperative orders of Sergeant O'neil. Also in case you lack reasons, here in Spain has a level of implementation of 90% on search engines, and should miss the other 10%, those who use Internet Explorer, and those who have installed some type of malware.

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 You will not take the name of your tags in vain , it is not worth cheating, putting tags that have nothing to do with your content, that Google will see, and it will give you behind Of the ears, you can not put in your tags, all the cities of Spain, if you only serve in a province, because that's very ugly, and you're going to catch Google and you're going to kick that, 4 page sends you. It's going to give you a rowing blow that riete your videos of falls from Youtube. 


Sanctify the headings , nothing to make a web page that does not respect the structure of headings html, H1 to H6, you do not have to use all, but if you make use of it, and the Such as H1, H2 and H3, to indicate what is being talked about in that content, and rank the importance of those words within the content, so that Google can be well positioned, and not that it is he who chooses Of what you're talking about, because Google is always in a hurry, and if you do not keep this command, he'll put whatever he wants.

 You will honor the Penguin and the Panda , these two creatures of Mr. Google, you must honor them, because Google is very much of your things, and the one for your children does whatever it is, so you can give them content Of quality to the Panda, and quality links to the Penguin, or else, or else ... look better do not want to know what Google will do as dishonor to one of them two, because it's going to give you a colleja that you're going to put to dance Something that will not have orchestra to follow the rhythm.

You will not kill creativity , Google is a creative god, and if something does not like anything, but nothing at all, it is uncreative, empty and simple content that is not useful to your Followers and fans, every time you kill the creativity of your content, Google drops you off a page results, so you better not take it as a joke, or soon appear on the foot of the monitor, down there next to the felt So that it does not move.


You will not do prohibited actions , or what is the same thing, you will not do Black Hat SEO, which is that you will not do cloacking, although no longer done, Spam, BackDoor, hidden text ... come on , Please do not be the Christian Gray of SEO, because if Google is going to be in the red room and put you looking at Adwords.

Stop sign hits news reporter in hurricane

You will not steal content , not under any concept, you must steal the content of others, copy, paste, or change three words, and publish it on your site, no, never, Puts it like a motorcycle, pisses more than the panda of Ranma 1/2 and Kung Fu Panda together, you're going to see what a panda is pissed and not those adorable Zoo Pandas that are sitting nicely while chewing bamboo gum.


 You will not tell lies in your content , because then your content is worth the same as the shit with Whatsapp eyes, I do not know if you understand me, let's give it the same as having eyes or not, its value Is the same, if your content is full of inaccuracies, then Google does not see value to it, and if it does not see value, it has no relevance, and if it has no relevance ... toc toc ... you do not go out in the first positions, because 1000 Words from your article x 0 of relevance da ... that is, shit with eyes.


[Dropcap] 9. [/ Dropcap] You will not have impure thoughts in your content , maybe in advertising, there is a high content of sexuality, but, say that you are talking about sex, merely to attract visitors, and then Rebound in the first seconds, once the visitor has returned the blood to the head, and has been able to read the first few lines and see that where I say, I say Diego, that Google will see, will see the rebound, and the Final that is going to rebound is Google, so, enough of headlines that promise things that are not, thanks for making me lose 20 seconds of my life.


 You will not covet your neighbor's positioning , this is not that Google is going to piss you off and you're going to get pissed, but man, who is ugly, we are always looking more at what others are doing, That what we do, if you do a good job of SEO, the results come, the SEO, is a little step by step, the one who wants results for yesterday, has Adwords and his portfolio at his disposal.

Well with this we end today, I hope you have been clear, because otherwise the hipster Moisex will come and give you with the tablet around the SEO, kisses for all and until the next!


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very nice is helpful for every SEO expert
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very nice is helpful for every SEO expert SO we should follow this trick.thank you so much for this post.
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