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I've seen it come up in discussion groups time after time, the management wants to measure productivity in their development team and developers just want to be left alone to code.  Recently some one asked:

> Maybe it's also time for a frank discussion of "What does the CEO
> *really* need" for visibility?  Is it really metrics that do not make
> any sense (and costs a lot to collect)?

No, it's time that we turn this question on it's head, because it's not "What does the CEO *really* need" for visibility?.  The CEO's job is to maximize profits for the shareholders, anything else is a dereliction of their duties, he or she really *does* need visibility. 

The question is, how can we turn the development team into a profit center?  This is an ongoing issue in the corporate world where IT typically falls under the CFO rather than the CEO.

We as development staff have to remember, CEO's care about raising profits, CFO,s care about cutting costs.  We as development staff have trained CxO's that software is unpredictable and mysterious, so naturally, they apply dilbert-esq techniques to it hoping to fix it.

Maybe it's time for a frank discussion of "What can we do to help the CEO with his or her goals of increasing company profits?" 

Scrum is not going to help the CEO, at least not directly, but if you have an agile coach helping developers to start taking the profit question seriously then scrum could provide a fast road to moving software development out of the shadows and into the strategy sessions where it belongs in an information age.
Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 11:02 AM Contracting , Agile Development , Con Livus , Leadership , Scrum | Back to top

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