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I posted my code for a serialize and I just thought up an idea for making it really useful.


I'm retroactively trying to add some unit tests to some legacy code.  I've got a working version of the code, and I'm thinking that I need to add a method or two to my serialization tool.


First thing, is I need a way to put a bunch of save hooks in and then have it trigger for all my objects that I care about catching their state.  I'm thinking a static boolean that can be set on with a test for a field being equal to a key value.


Also, (more statics) having some kind of common name for the variables being used in that run, like if we are looking for Joe Smith we make all of our serializing tags “JoeSmith.060724.093454.classname”


I haven't implemented this yet, but it should work.  This will (assuming that it works) allow me to record a specific test case's relevant values across as single run.

Posted on Monday, July 24, 2006 12:34 PM Agile Development , Stupid Code Tricks | Back to top

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