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Friday night, my presentation congealed into garbage.


This was not a good thing.


I had to skip Jeff Levinson's “Test Driven Development with Team System” in order to work on my presentation.


I was competing with “Poker Bots for Fun and Profit”, with Jeff Berkowitz, Stuart Celariar's “Understanding Subversion“, Rory's “An introduction to WCF for the complete beginner“and 4 others.  There was a part of me that was hoping that no one would show up, because then I could go see one of the other presentations, and another part of me wanted a ton of people.


I ended up with 4 people in my session, of which one of them was Chris Kinsman.  When he said it, I was sure I knew that name, then it hit me, “were you on DotNetRocks about 10 months ago?”

And of course he said “Yes”.



I also had Chris Tavares, who just got hired on at Microsoft over at the patterns and practices group.

double crap.


These people knew what they were doing, why were they here. crap, crap, crap. 


Also in the room were 2 people who were working on projects that needed exactly what I was selling.  They were working on projects where the unit testing either wasn't happening, or they were completely bogged down in dependencies.


What came out of my session, besides the feeling of triumph for setting out to do, and completing, my first conference talk, were a couple of things.  The two people who needed the techniques got good value, I know this because I asked.  The two people who more than knew what they were doing, provided me with great feed back.


The first thing is that there is this Dependency Injection Framework, called Spring, (and in our case, and they were expecting that I was going to be doing that talk.  I've been looking into, and I'm kind of excited about it, looks cool, but I'm not yet, real clear on how it does what it does.


Second thing was that my “simple sample app” needed to still be MUCH simpler, and then I needed to walk through the process of creating my stub.


Finally, I needed to explain my constraints, which was

A) Working in a shared library, where interface changes were outside of the scope of the program.

B) That it was aimed at working with Legacy code.

Posted on Monday, July 24, 2006 5:49 AM Contracting , Agile Development , Con Livus , Stupid Code Tricks | Back to top

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