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I just came across a great segment on why Paired Programming is great, wonderous and most importantly profitable.  The DotNetRocks show 101 with Mark Miller has a section (From minute 45:00 thru 54:00) where Mark is explaining how paired programming reduces new programmer ramp up time, lowered bug counts, and suprisingly showed that his “guru” programmers wrote more bugs by themselves, than a pair of midlevel programmers working together.


To quote Mark

I have been pair programming and one of the things that at least happens to me is, we’ll be working and somebody will catch some slip up that I just didn’t see and I’ll look at that and say, “Oh My god! That certainly would have compiled and that would have only shown up under this situation and that would have been a bug that would have been found by a customer and would have cost us this many hours to fix, plus an update. We’ve just saved about 3 days worth of work.”

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 3:28 AM Contracting , Agile Development , Con Livus | Back to top

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