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While companies like Slack are trying to eliminate email, it still remains as one of our primary forms of communication. This is especially true with communicating with our customers and for marketing purposes. One of the many problems with email is keeping your email list clean and free of bad email addresses.

At Stackify, we offer several free eBooks and tools to potential customers. The only thing we ask for is their email address. This helps us create leads, grow our email database, and nurture potential customers over time. One of the challenges we have is validating that people are giving us legitimate email addresses.

This is where email validation services like Zero Bounce come in.

How to Validate Email Addresses On the Fly!

Email validation services can help ensure that an email address is valid. If someone isn’t giving us a valid email address, we aren’t going to give them our awesome free content or tools. People are also notorious for using throwaway email addresses like mailinator. By validating the email addresses, we can ensure that our email list is clean and we are getting valid contacts in our marketing database.

Validating emails is really simple with their API that is available over a simple HTTP web service call.

Example C# code:

try {
  string apiKey = "Your Secret Key";
  string emailToValidate = "";
      string apiURL = "" + apiKey + "&email=" +  HttpUtility.UrlEncode(emailToValidate);

      HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(apiURL);
      request.Timeout = 150000;
      request.Method = "GET";
      using (WebResponse response = request.GetResponse()) {
         response.GetResponseStream().ReadTimeout = 20000;
         using (StreamReader ostream = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream())) {
             responseString = ostream.ReadToEnd();
     } catch (exception ex) {
 //Catch Exception - All errors will be shown here - if there are issues with the API

Based on the response you can instantly tell the user if you will not accept their email address or not.

How to Clean Your Email List

Another great use for email validation services like Zero Bounce is cleaning your existing email list. Using Stackify as an example again, we have a big email database of over 60,000 email addresses. A lot of our email addresses are the work email addresses for people. As people switch jobs over time, we end up with an email database full of people who no longer work there.

Three reasons to clean your email list:

  • Increase deliverability: Email providers don’t like it when people try to email users that no longer exists. That is a big red flag that hurts your reputation as an email sender.
  • Save money: Odds are, you are paying per contact for MailChimp, HubSpot, and other email marketing solutions. If you can remove a few thousand bad contacts, you can save yourself a little money.
  • Improve response rates: Your email marketing may seem like it isn’t working because your email open and click rates are low. If you would clean up your list, you could get a better picture of your real performance.

Depending on where your email list is, there are probably different ways to go about cleaning your list. For us, I can export my email list from Hubspot and upload it to a email validation service like Zero Bounce. I can then review the results and upload the updated data and tell Hubspot which contacts to delete to clean up my list.

More About Zero Bounce

I recently did a free trial with Zero Bounce and was impressed with how easy their product is to use. They have a simple API and provide a way to upload a large file of email addresses to check for email verification. The cost of their product starts at just $10 to buy 5,000 “credits” to validate 5,000 email addresses.

Based on the reviews on their site, they seem to have a lot of happy customers too.

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