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Well, I was recently laid off from my Job of 5 years at Sage Software..  Sage has gone through 2 or 3 rounds of layoffs so far, the latest letting go of 500 employees in North America..

..."To help us better bring our costs in line with revenues, we are reducing staff by about 500 positions across the company, which includes employees as well as open positions that are being closed permanently. "

So, I've decided to take the opportunity to upgrade my Microsoft Certifications to the latest and greatest..  The last tests I took were in 2004, duting the .net 1.1 release..  Hard to believe it's been so long..

Here is my current certs:

Microsoft Certification Status

  Credential Certification / Version   Date Achieved
  Microsoft Certified Application Developer   May 07, 2004
  For Microsoft .NET   May 07, 2004
  Microsoft Certified Solution Developer   Jun 11, 2001
  For Microsoft .NET   Sep 01, 2004
  Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0   Jun 11, 2001
  Microsoft Certified Professional   Apr 10, 2000

So, I'm going to take:

These 2 tests will allow me to upgrade my existing MCSD/MCAD to the new MCPD..  After taking these 2 tests I will have to take a few more to upgrade to .NET 3.0-3.5 certs, the MCTS..  I'm not sure right now if I'll go that far, but maybe I should since I'm doing it.  I'll have plenty of time if I'm unemployed..

These are all very difficult tests, I work fulltime as a contract developer and have for the last 15 years, but there are so many subjects you get tested on that you just don't use everyday..  Hence, it will take alot of studying to get upto speed and feel like I can pass them.  Studying is hard, but you are forced to learn stuff that you should probbly know.  I've scheduled the above 2 tests for June 3rd, June 4th respectively.

I have yet to fail a Microsoft test, I guess I've studied hard enough in the past to make sure I can pass them.  We'll see how it goes, I'm starting to study now, studying everyday during my lunch hour..

On a side note, If anyone knows of any contract positions available, please let me know.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so something local would be preferable, or something I can do remote word work also.  Thanks!

06/30/09 Update - Passed the 70-553, tough test...  Going to take the 70-554 next month..

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