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Well, I recently got a new Toshiba Laptop.  I bought it in December, so no Vista.  It was running Windows Media Center Edition.  It's a nice machine, Dual Core, 2GB RAM, etc...  So, I decided to put the MSDN copy of Vista Ultimate edition on it.  Everything seemed to run fine except for a few issues.  I couldn't run a program called IsoBuster, Vista just wouldn't let me open the .exe no matter what I tried.  And then there are still compatibility issues for VS 2005, which weren't giving me any warm fuzzies..   So, I restored the orginal OS and have been using it with XPMC for the last few weeks....

Meanwhile, and someone please tell me why they do this...  the 200GB hard drive in the laptop could only muster a whopping 4200 RPM...  this is why people hate laptops.. does it matter if you put 2GB RAM and a nice dual core if you bottleneck the whole thing with this shitty harddrive???  So, I got a new 100GB 7200RPM drive, $150, not bad...   at the same time MS sent me my complimentary copy of Vista Business edition for participating in thier Power Together campaign. So, with a new harddrive, and a non-upgradable OS from XPMC to Vista Business.  I decided now that MS has "officially" released Vista, they can't leave us developers hanging for too long.  So I'm running Vista Business with Visual Studio 2005.  I had to download VS2005 SP1 and the VS Vista Update Beta.  after all was said and done, I got everything working and compiled our 60 project solution, woohoo.

I still have to wait for drivers for my U3 smart drive and my fingerprint reader, but hey, nothing is perfect right??

posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 8:37 PM


# re: Vista Business Edition 1/31/2007 12:48 AM Lorin Thwaits
If ISOBuster hates you then check out MagicISO. It works swell for me under Vista Ultimate. Not sure if you have to pay for it or not for it to work though. I know I've licensed it in the past, which was only $30.

# re: Vista Business Edition 1/31/2007 8:46 PM ET

this is the link to the finderprint reader for Vista. You can also search on downloads for it. but there is a driver for Vista

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