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December 2006 Entries

I started working on a new project a few weeks ago. Were writing a new extensible Shell application with the Microsoft CompositeUI Application Block. I haven't used this block before. Looks like Microsoft rushed this thing out the door. Alot of needed functionality is missing, maybe the goal was to just provide a simple base shell layer and allow developers to extend it to do whatever. I guess thats how it works when they are trying to release a new pattern or practice. So it took me a few weeks ......

Why do we do it? Why would I even post this blog in the first place? What does it do for me? Am I posting, sharing some strange introverted thoughts or ideas that I have no-one else to talk to about? What are the chances of anything I say here even being read? You have to ask yourself, If I type and post this blog, and noone ever reads it, will it ever really matter? I guess if I feel better sharing some specific knowledge I have gained doing something in my life then I will post things. But, what ......