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TFS has many life cycles of evolutions. I still remember when people from Development community or Build engineers would write that they know more than one source control management tool, where the list would be TFS, SVN, Clear case, CVS, Serena, etc.

However with the latest edition of TFS 2012 you could definitely say that knowledge of TFS should not be limited at the level of Source control. But there could be still requirement of developer who has worked with TFS or a Project management person who knows how to drive project using TFS or tester with functionality of automated tests, unit test or deployment in environment with tests using Microsoft MTM and Lab center. By any means they don’t fall under the requirement of TFS Specialist, Consultant or administrator.

The knowledge of TFS during development process would not fulfill the requirement of TFS\ALM Consultant. ALM implementation should answer questions like

  • We want to do better maintenance on our releases.
  • We want an overview of open issues, because we currently do not know.
  • We get a lot of bug reports. We want to increase our overall quality.
  • We want traceability from requirements to code.
  • We want to automate Build, Deploy and test cycle.

Well the above mentioned ALM questions can certainly be resolved using TFS but it’s not always the tool which resolves it. You need correct processes and your tool should be configured to apply your processes. Instead of choosing to use a great feature because it is a great feature, both features and process changes are sought to solve a problem. In most cases TFS/VS can help in solving these problems. The below table contains the toolset which could replace TFS for ALM implementation.

Source Control


Dashboard, Reporting


Client-Server base
Open Source
: SVN (Subversion), CVS, Vesta, etc

: Accurev, Harvest, perforce, PVCS, Code Beamer,etc

make,Rake (Ruby Based Build Tool), Apache (Ant, Maven, Buildr), Flowtracer, MSbuild, Nant, perforce Jam, Visual Builds, Gradle

Build Script generation Tools
: Automake, CMake, GNU Build Tools imake

JIRA, Rally, Nolio, Version One, etc

QC/Replay, testlink, Insure ++, Hindsight, Microsoft MTM, Visual testing Toolset


Open Source: DCVS, Git(TFS integration available),Mercurial, monotone, SVK

Proprietary : Bit Keeper, Plastic SCM

Continuous integration Tools

AnthillPro, bamboo, Automated Build Studio, Build bot, FinalBuilder, Hudson, Jenkins

For further list check


There are also tools available which has more functionality like TFS. For ex. HP ALM, IBM Rational Team Concert, etc.

So good ALM consultant who knows overall SDLC process could implement those processes without TFS. Actually Microsoft has also created three different courses where they are clearly differentiating ALM\TFS Administrator, ALM using Visual studio and Testing using MTM.

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I find this idea very useful. This will be a nice guide for my project. - Mark Zokle
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