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I've turned 21 years of age and I've experienced the wonderful joys of drinking alcohol legally... It takes all the fun out of drinking. My birthday is always shortly after the holidays, which means everyone is just finishing up their present giving, and then they see my birthday. So for Christmas I received $100 in Barnes and Noble gift cards. Then for my birthday I received yet another $50 in Barnes and Noble gift cards. So today I walked myself into the store to look for some books, knowing full well that with $150 of gift cards I'd be able to get 2, maybe 3, computer books. So I walked in to this great big huge Barnes and Noble and found the computer section. Oh My Gosh! There's books everywhere, and I can't decide what I want to get.

I've learned so many things about computers through books. I've never really mastered a single subject, however, I've become advanced in every subject. Which means, if I come across a problem, then I know I can fix it, or make the solution even though I may not know immediately how to do it, and/or possibly what the absolute best/perfect way to do it is.

So I've learned C#,, Managed DirectX, XNA, Windows 2003, SQL,, Flash, CCNA Networking, and HLSL. There are hundreds of technologies out there. Tons of things that I would love to learn about.


Maya Modeling, Character Rigging and Animation

Advanced SQL Development / Programming

Flash CS3 Action Scripting

Advanced C++ Concepts

CCNA Study Books

GPU Gems Books

ASP.Net 3.5




Those are some of the technologies I would love to learn about right now. I know there are more technologies that I want to learn about. What I don't know though, is what books I should buy right now. What technology is the best thing I could learn to further my career/money making capabilities. So...


What books should I spend my $150 dollars on? Any suggestions?

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You should have come to Canada for your 18th wouldn't have had to wait the extra 3 years.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jan 09, 2008 9:08 PM

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