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Yesterday morning I woke up early (considering it was weekend) to drive myself out to the nearest Best Buy. I had stopped in on Friday and was told they would 170 Wii's arriving Sunday morning. The store opened at 10:00 AM so I go there at 9:00 AM. There was already a line of about a hundred people.

So, here I was standing in line, freezing, and shivering waiting for the doors to open so I can get my Wii. After 20 minutes of waiting, someone came out and announced to everyone that they would get a ticket that would ensure they got a Wii. They then also announced that they only had 45 Wii's.

As I'm standing there, I point out my finger and start counting as my finger involuntarily shakes from the cold. When I get to 45 I realize I'm not even half way down the line. I give a huge sigh of sadness as they announce that they have no more Wii's.

I walk out of line, walk to my car, and drive myself back to bed.

It appears, I'm not getting a Wii for Christmas this year.

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I can't find a wii either!
Left by Wii wanter :( on Dec 08, 2007 8:46 AM

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