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I've been really busy with school trying to keep up on all of these projects. . Our site is finally up for the enterprise, if you want to see what I'm having teams do with XNA you can take a look at the Revolutionary Works team page.


Spring Break has come and gone and what a week that was. Lost a few things, and gained a few things.

Here's a video of a project I worked on for a short couple of nights. I was going for an "aww that's adorable" kind of feel. Concept is Amanda was coming to visit during Spring Break so I had her do her Photoshoots (she's a photographer), pack her bag, fly her plane, and flip her muffins (inside joke). Wasn't meant to be anything amazing but it didn't turn out to bad for only a couple of nights work on it.


I'll let you guys know how Project 214 is coming along. I'm still deciding on joining the DreamBuildPlay contest...we'll see what school has to say about it.

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