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So the whole 5 things few people know about me, finally came around to me. Here's what you get.

#1. Engagement

Toward the early months of 06' I quite happily became engaged. I loved the girl (Sarah) and as soon as we were both home from college we went to the jewelry store and got her a very nice (very expensive) diamond ring. Unfortunately two months later, she decided to call it off, and gave me back my diamond ring. To this day I still don't know what happened. I never did anything to upset her, and I never, as far as I know, did anything wrong. I still love her, but it turns out it's one love that's not meant to happen.

#2. Hacking Experience

Through out all of my schooling I never got in trouble for anything. I was a model student, model son. Whenever a teacher needed help with a computer, I was the one to help. Every teacher in my high school knew me, and had probably received my help with computers in some form or another. Given that I was so good with computers and my high school offering very few classes on computers, I looked else where. I found one class called Cisco offered by Baker through a building provided by an ISP. Well, given that I found the class to be rather boring, and slow, my friends and I began to fool around a bit... We would start using net send's on the teacher, talk back and forth through msn and such. The ISP decided to stop things a bit when somebody put a little Shutdown -s -t 00 shortcut into the Start Up menu...They weren't thrilled, and no it wasn't me. As they started blocking applications, we started using other means of getting around them. As days went by, more and more applications were being blocked. It turned out to be a very challenging task that we all thouroughly enjoyed. However, one day, I came into class and here was a computer, logged into an admin account. So I hopped on, took a peek into the network quick and found a little .txt file with all of the applications that were being blocked. So what do I do? I wipe all of the names and have a blank txt file there. Sure enough, all of the applications work again! The next day wasn't so fun though...Two weeks later my mother and I were sitting in front of the head of the ISP. Not a fun situation. 20 hours of community service for the ISP and I was out. Moral of the story, DON'T HACK ISP's!

#3. Computer Experience

Before college I had taken only one computer class (Cisco) and everything aside from that, I had learned on my own. So when my family got our first computer in 96' I had some fun with it. That poor computer didn't last long against a ver curious and interested 9 year old. By the time 2000 rolled around there were 100's of little html files, C++ projects, and misc programs roaming all over. And my mother finally came to a crashing halt of using computers when a little purple monkey starting bouncing around the screen and wouldn't let her do anything. So, in 8th grade, I bought my own computer. Within another year I learned more Visual C++, more Windows tricks and tips, and then moved on to C#. Got myself into a little gig with the school, and rolled on through from there.

#4. My Computer

I have a decent computer. However, I've almost spent the same amount of money building my desktop as I have on the accesories I use for it (ie. two Viewsonic 19" montors, Logitech mouse, Saitek keyboard).

#5. Duct tape galore

I have a unique habit of making things out of duct tape. I create things out of duct tape ranging from Wallets, to Folders, to Slippers...Don't ask about the slippers. Here are some screenshots of one of my creations :

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Groovy with the duct tape. One of my friends made her prom dress out of the stuff:

It looked *amazing* in-person.

Left by Lorin Thwaits on Jan 04, 2007 12:05 AM

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