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So the title is somewhat misleading, I have sold many photos in the past, mainly to cast members of shows at the local theatre, and for very small change ($0.30 a pop or something).  This time, I sold a reproduction license for one of my photos, so a theatre in canada could use it in their season brochure. They are going to print 30,000 copies of it, and give me a credit line in their brochure as well.  The actual price is pretty irrelivant, and it doesnt even make a dent in paying off my photo equipment, but it does more than pay for my smugmug membership. Since they found the photo through smugmug, that is pretty sweet!

The photo was from Beauty and the Beast, which my theatre did last year. We were the first community theatre to do the show in the country, before that every performance had been professional. Now the show is popping up like wildfire all over the country, and my site gets tons of hits on google for Beauty and the Beast photos.

The photo is nothing special, I think many of the other shots from the show are actually better, but its a nice “anonymous“ shot that is reusable without being noticably from a different theatre.


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