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So XBOX has a lot of synergy with the computer, especially with MCE, stream your MCE content to the XBOX etc. But I must complain that I can't stream from my non MCE box to my XBOX.  Situations like this do not make MCE more valueable, it just makes it obvious that you are trying to upsell MCE. Thats great, my next box is going to be MCE anyway (when they support HD over Digital Cable) - but in the meantime, you are just annoying me for no reason.

In any case, Xbox and MCE are blurring the lines between TV and gaming, but only in one direction.  If I want to watch my WMV files on the XBOX you make that easy. Give me the reverse.   I have one TV in the living room. If my girlfriend wants to watch a movie, I am SOL if I want to game.  Let me stream the XBOX to my computer!

The only big problem with this I can see is latency, especially in a fast twitch game, but I know its possible to send video that fast pretty efficiently.  VNC and RDP can send video over the network without any problems,  xbox should be doable too.  I would even accept 480P (after all, when I want quality I will be on the big screen HDTV anyway, this is about convinience)

This would add an incredible level of value to the XBOX for me, and is something that doesn't seem to be out of this world tough (and I say that as a software developer both for computers and embedded)

If you wanted to be super cool, you would let me send split screen games, one to the HDTV, one to the CPU, so when playing head to head in an FPS, each person gets a full screen!

And just think how much it would piss off the PS3 team :)

Anyway, Just my $0.02.

Posted on Friday, March 31, 2006 10:04 AM gaming | Back to top

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# re: xbox 360 and windows integration - The killer feature : streaming FROM xbox to CPU
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Yeah but if yur like me, minimum wage cant afford that kind of chit.
Left by Canadian on Mar 15, 2007 12:18 PM

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Подскажите эту ссылку. Обшарил весь нет нигде не нашёл -(
Я у себя на сайте оставляю эту ссылку, юзер её нажымает - у него автоматически запускается кипер вебм. и в нём открывается окно для перевода денюшку. Спасибо!
Left by gamesportal on Mar 03, 2009 9:30 AM

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