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I have been calling B&H every hour about getting a D200, on the hour since the 15th. Every day I got "they aren't in yet".  On Sunday, I got told "they are in the building, but not in our system yet".

I started calling every 20 minutes.

Normally, they answered immediately, and told me not yet.  Suddenly at around 4:00 CST, I was on hold for 15 minutes.  I knew immediately they were in.

I finally got through, worries the whole time my phone would cut out. But I ordered one.  I have been charged, and I have a UPS tracking number, so I assume I am all good. But I will let you all know!

Many people on dp review are up in arms.  I think this just shows perserverance on my part :) .

Scoble posts about this issue as well, in particular the parallels of D200 shortages with Xbox shortages.

I just learned my lesson that same day by showing up at 2:30 for the xbox line at best buy, and there were already 30 people in line for the 25 xboxes (Making there at least 5 idiots in that line)


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Shhhh. I have some tulips for sale, too, but don't tell anyone!

I've been watching all of the D200 angst on DP Review and it's ludicrous. A bunch of idiots dying because they can't be the first on their block to have the shiny new camera. They need to just relax, go out and take some photographs until they get their camera and stop clogging up the forums with every panicked thought about their latest confirmation number and call to Adorama or B&H.

Left by 2yellowdogs on Dec 20, 2005 4:18 AM

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