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I recently purchased an iMate JasJar on ebay, to replace my smt-5600. I will have a review up shortly.  I was very concerned about buying this item online, because there are literally hundreds of scam auctions for this item, from all over Europe and Asia. 

I was comfortable with this particular item, because it was from the US, it was priced right (not too good to be true), the guy had some decent feedback, and had quite a few auctions from the past with simmilar photos, so I could tell he actually had the items.

The best part was, the guy used his yahoo email address as his ebay id ( and I was able to look him up on google, and find a business phone number.  I managed to get a hold of him, which reassured me immensly

I called John Girodano, from jgitservices, in Phillidelphia, PA

I did “buy it now” and closed the auction barely an hour and a half after it started. (Around 5:00pm CST on wed the 7th)

I called the guy and told him I did the buy it now, and would paypal him shortly.  I also asked for overnight shipping (and offered to pay extra). He said it would ship out first thing in the morning, and that I would get a tracking number automatically as part of him printing his shipping label.

   I did the paypal later that night (8:00 or so).   The next morning, noon, afternoon, etc. no tracking number.  I called him on the night of the 8th, and asked for the tracking number, John said he had a problem with the automatic shipping label stuff, and would send me the tracking number. He did so, and included a note saying to stop calling him, and refer to the sellers policy.  

This is his sellers policy :

 I accept PayPal for all transactions. buyer must pay for item immediately after auction. NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES. IF YOU BID AND WIN, YOU PAY IMMEDIATELY OR I GIVE BAD FEEDBACK. DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT IN U.S. I WIL NOT SELL OR SHIP OUT OF UNITED STATES! Additional $20.00 for packaging and shipping in United States. Insurance required and is $5.00 I WILL NOT SELL OUT OF AUCTION! AS IS

Note that it doesnt say anything about not calling, or tracking numbers, or anything else.

In addition to the rudeness, the tracking number did not work. I emailed him saying it didnt work. He responded saying he didn't control the USPS, and go away. I emailed again, and asked if he could double check the number, so I could try and follow up with USPS.

He sent another rude email, told me again to buzz off, but did include a tracking number with more digits this time! 

I looked up the item on USPS, and he did send it, unfortunately he sent it at 4:00 on thurdsday, so it wouldnt make it in the friday “overnight“ batch. That sucks, I paid extra for overnight, but oh well.

I finally did get the item on Saturday, a day late, which is no big deal.

I left the guy positive feedback, but did mention he was rude, and that I had trouble getting a tracking #  from him.

He left me neutral feedback, and said I didn't follow the seller's policies.

Since I can't retract or change my feedback, I am posting this... 

Therefore, I think he is an ass. And I think he has horrible service skills. And he claims to run an IT services company, but his website totally sucks. I won't link to it here, because I don't want to give him the google juice, but you can find it yourself if you care. I wouldn't use him for squat, as he won't go the extra inch, let alone the mile...


And note that everything here is opinions, so you can take your libel and shove it. :)



Review of the kickass iMate JasJar (HTC Universal) to follow.


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This guy is your classic up-sell so-called "business man". He tries to sell you hardware and/or services that you don't need or gives you poor advice that ends up costing you hundreds of dollars. His word is no good, he'll change plans on you and then blame it on you. He charged a friend over $600.00 to rebuild a 5 year old laptop that still didn't work once done as promised. When he should of just said "get a new one", and that person ended up buying a new four months later anyway. If you do do business with him, get everything in writing so once problems arise, you have evidence of what was promised by him. He is full of attitude and horrible customer service too. BEWARE!!!!!
Left by John Giordano on Oct 22, 2007 12:02 PM

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