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Although I don't think I ever mentioned it here, I was selected by Microsoft Learning to be a MCT Regional Lead for the Eastern US. Basically, it allows me to be a conduit between people and Microsoft Learning about all thing training. Considering 90 people, worldwide, where chosen for this program, I am quite humbled to be selected. Anywho, my good friends at Microsoft Learning asked me to write a guest blog post for them. Seeing as it was published this morning, I figured I'd give you guys a link ......

It appears I stumbled upon a hidden IE8 "feature." Unfortunately, this was an intentional feature. Let me set the stage. I am currently working on the advanced version of the table I posted about last month. As I was coding the new features, I ran into a question that I wish to pose to the visual designer. I walk over to her desk, bring up the page, and ask the question. As I'm prompting the person, I stumbled upon a strange issue. The CSS is not rendering on the generated html. This was quite befuddling ......

I have created the world's greatest web control. OK, it's more like I reinvented the wheel. I present to you a cross-browser table with a fixed header and scrollable body. Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Row A-1 Row A-2 Row A-3 Row B-1 Row B-2 Row B-3 Row C-1 Row C-2 Row C-3 Row D-1 Row D-2 Row D-3 Row E-1 Row E-2 Row E-3 Row F-1 Row F-2 Row F-3 Row G-1 Row G-2 Row G-3 The magic is in a bit of tomfoolery. There are actually a few stacked controls. The code is produced with the following: <div style=" ......