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Well, it's crunch time. In less than 24 hours, I will begin my 24 hour journey into the world of Extra Life.

Sure, there will be good times. I mean, let's face it. I'm going to be playing games for 24 hours. However, when was the last time you did one thing for 24 hours?

Imagine the last road trip you took, especially if you were the driver. Sitting in one place for hours on end; only the occasional rest break or meal stop to break up the monotony. Imagine that you did a "full day" of 8 hours of driving. Remember how tired you were by the end. The restlessness combined with the physical fatigue. The mental fatigue of focusing on one task for hours upon hours. Even with other people with you in the car, the overriding task of driving the vehicle wears on you.

Now, imagine doing that for 24 hours.

Now, imagine the children and families that do that for months on end in Children's of Alabama. Only, this time, you're not the one in control of the vehicle. You don't have the luxury of taking a break for the situation. You're not sure when the journey will end, and, in some cases, the end of the journey may contain one of the most unimaginable horrors you could conceive.

For Children's Miracle Network hospitals, 62 families begin this journey every minute. This means 4.5x the population of Huntsville-Decatur-Albertville Combined Statistical Area enter treatment every month.

I know budgets are tight right now. I know we are all felling the pressures of reality. However, my reality is much better than the reality of the 3,000 families that started their journey in the time it took me to craft this blog post. I use my time to speak for these children. I spend hours upon hours preparing for this event. I've made press releases. I've created teams. I've secured a public venue. I've become a voice for those too weak to speak.

I've found room in my budget to chip in what I can. The saving you can make by eating one meal at home, with your families, instead of eating out can make a huge difference. A small donation doesn't sound like much, but a community of people giving a small donation can make a huge difference.

I hope you can find the 5 minutes of time to make a contribution to these families. Perhaps you can even find some time tomorrow to jump online a play a game with me. If you're local to the north Alabama area, you can come downtown to 125 Northside Square, Suite 200, to join myself and my team for a game or two.

Don't do it for me, do it for the kids.

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