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October 2012 Entries

I thought I'd share the email stream that my friends and family get about the event.So, here we are again. We scream closer to the event, and the goal is not met.I was approached by the ghost of feral platypii past last night. Well, approached is putting it lightly. I was mugged by the ghost of platypii past last night. He reminded me, in no uncertain terms that I have only reached the midway point of my fundraising goal. He then reminded me, in even less uncertain terms, that we are one week away ......

I've spent the past couple of days adding the Bing Maps WFP Control to an application I'm developing. I kept running into a strange thing that was driving me crazy. I have the control in the bottom of a StackPanel, under a Grid. No matter how hard I tried, setting the Height of the Bing control to Auto would cause the ActualHeight to always be 60.93. Now, I still don't know why this is happening. Truth be told, I'm not too sure I care. I did, however, find a reasonable hack around the problem. I ......