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Well, hello there. I have returned after 5 months of radio silence. Those of you that follow me on Twitter or G+ know that my wife and I welcomed a new child in mid-December, which explains most of my disappearance. I wanted to return with some global blog news, speaking updates, etc. Thus, without further ado...

Let us begin with Card Roulette. No, I have not forgotten about it. I haven't posted about it in awhile, but I have been playing with the requirements. If you have been following the actual CodePlex project, you'd see that I do tweak things on there from time to time. Expect full fledged progress on that soon.

The reason Card Roulette development got pushed back some is two-fold. The first is that my main PC at home died, which has now been replaced with a new "desktop-replacement" laptop and 23" 3D monitor. This directly leads to the second reason. I've been playing around with creating XNA games with Stereoscopic 3D graphics. I am pleased to say that my proof of concept tests have been successful. I will some be posting content from these tests. I've also proposed some sessions about Stereoscopic 3D to a few conferences, most notably CodeStock and DevLink. If you'd like to see this content, let the organizers know.

Speaking of speaking, I do have a few upcoming engagements. I will be at the Windows Phone Garage in Birmingham, AL this weekend. I should be at the Alabama Code Camp on March 10th in Troy, Alabama. I have it on good faith that I'll be presenting there, but official session lists have not been announced. The weekend after that, I will be at Code PaLOUsa in Louisville, KY. I have sessions submitted for the aforementioned CodeStock and DevLink. If you want me to speak at your user's group, hit me up at the Ineta link in the sidebar.

I have been selected to be a GeeksWithBlogs Influencer. Hopefully, this will help draw some new eyes to my little slice of the internet. If this is true, then you may be a new reader. If THAT is true, then I will supply extra greetings to you ... Greetings. If you are an existing reader, then I want to thank you for reading. The collective collection of eyeballs that grace this place is what made that little honor possible.

On a final note, my day job has tasked me with formalizing our development process. This is made me VERY philosophical about project management. I'm sure you'll get a few rambles on this in the coming months.

With that, I'll let you people get back you your lives. As always, if there is something you'd like me to address, just leave a comment or email me. I'm just as happy rambling about your topic as I am rambling about mine.

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Welcome Back and Congrats on the Kiddo!
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