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February 2012 Entries

I had a few minutes of free time at the Windows Phone Garage. During that time, I created the Statistics object for Card Roulette. Of course, all it does is count the types of cards in a deck. With this I can create the statistics on a draw. It is a little bit of a brute force approach. However, it's also somethign that can be cleaned later if I need some inprovements. Filed under: something is better than nothing ......

I made some tweaks to Card Roulette. I added some quick interface code so I could make sure the Decks and Cards were working as expected. This lead to the addition of the ability of to add a card to a deck. Otherwise, you can't put a card in a discard pile. I also added a ToString for a PlayingCard. I would pound through some more code, but I need to prepare for tomorrow. What's tomorrow, you ask? Well, remember yesterday when I mentioned the Windows Phone Garage in Birmingham, Alabama? That is tomorrow. ......

Well, hello there. I have returned after 5 months of radio silence. Those of you that follow me on Twitter or G+ know that my wife and I welcomed a new child in mid-December, which explains most of my disappearance. I wanted to return with some global blog news, speaking updates, etc. Thus, without further ado... Let us begin with Card Roulette. No, I have not forgotten about it. I haven't posted about it in awhile, but I have been playing with the requirements. If you have been following the actual ......