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August 2011 Entries

Every now and then, the day job causes me to want to rip my hair out. I know, this is shocking news, especially for those of you that have seen me. However, it is true1. This weeks Tour de Pain comes to us courtesy of cryptography. Before we begin, let me say this. By the nature of the beast, you can't know what you're doing while you're doing it2. As such, most adventures into the subject will lead to heartache. The sad part is that the .NET Cryptographic providers were not the true source of heartache. ......

The time has come to unveil the new project for the blog. I know, I know. I can hear the excitement. I try to go everywhere I can to preach the gospel of XNA. As I do, the #1 question I get is, "Have you ever published a game?" Every time, I have to respond with, "I haven't actually published anything. I have some ideas, but I've stuck mostly with research and teaching." Over time, this wears on you. I mean, as the saying goes, those who do, teach. Thus, it's about time I practice what I preach. ......

Greetings. I have just finished moving all the post from the Blogsopt blog. This means that all new post will happen here. I still need to get the download section moved over. That should happen soon.

I have also registered the domain Look for that to be used soon. You will be able to use either url.

Finally, I have some exciting news. On Friday, I will be starting a new project on this site. Make sure you check back then for the details.