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July 2011 Entries

About a month ago, I was involved in a discussion1 on the App Hub Forums over threading on the Xbox 360. In order to save you the effort of digging through the forums2, I am providing a summary of the discussion. The Xbox 360 has 3 processors. Each processor has 2 cores. The system reserves the first core on the first two processors. As such, you have access to cores 1, 3, 4 and 53. Your game starts on core 1. You can move it by calling System.Threading.Thread.Cur... ......

Today, I just wanted to share a quick WP7 gesture trick. When you're using FreeDrag gesture, you get a lot of sample points every time you get an update1. Instead of processing them all, you really only need to process two. It sometimes seems a little confusing. The GestureSample returned by ReadGesture contains a Vector2 member called Position. This guy isn't really a "vector." He's is just a screen coordinate for the sample point. As said above, ReadGesture will return multiple samples per Update. ......

When Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7.5 would support applications that contained both Silverlight and XNA, I was really excited. However, after I played with it, I ran into one little annoyance. You are forced into a non-XNA enabled page by default1. After some experimentation, I found a way to make lemonade. I used the ease of Silverlight animation to create my Splash Screen page. After the animation completes, it passes control to the actual XNA-enabled PhoneApplicationPage. However, this ......