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August 2010 Entries

Recently, I dove, headfirst, into a heaping batch of XML. I decided that I needed to create a custom schema for XML data. At minimum, I should require my XML database to enforce the same things as my SQL database, right? After much pain and anguish, the xsd files were created1. Now that my XML files were validating, I created the necessary code to open, search, and modify the file. However, I kept receiving an exception during the save. Time collapse about 2 days. The exception wasn't being thrown ......

Welcome to Freestyle Coding. I created this site to provide a place for programming insight that goes a little to side of best practices. I am a Senior Software Engineer that currently resides in Huntsville, AL. While I do hold the alphabet soup of degrees and certifications, my experience outweighs my formal training. As such, I have developed a unique way of looking at problems. I am often surprised that common libraries seem to miss feature and extensions that seem obvious. As such, I often end ......