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The ADO.NET Data Services framework lets you create and access flexible data services that are integrated with the Web. The services use URIs to locate and identify data, and use simple, well-known formats to represent the data, such as JSON and XML. Data is made available across the Web in the style of a representational state transfer (REST) resource collection that is addressable by using URIs. ADO.NET Data Services expose relational data by using the Entity Data Model as specified by the ADO.NET Entity Framework. For information about the ADO.NET Entity Framework, see ADO.NET Entity Framework.

To create an ADO.NET Data Service based on relational database schema, you will need the Entity Framework designer tools for Visual Studio 2008, which visually represents how your underlying data sources look like, allows you to select the tables/views you want to expose, and as you would expect, creates monstrous proxy classes that map the table/views to the real world objects. Although ADO.NET Data Services and the Entity Framework Beta 3 runtime are included in the ADO.NET Data Services installation, the Entity Framework Tools need to be downloaded separately from Microsoft the following URL:

In order to begin creating an ADO.NET Data Service, make sure your development environment meets the following prerequisites:

  • Visual Studio 2008 or Web Developer 2008
  • SQL Server 2005
  • ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview (December 2007 CTP)
  • Entity Framework Tools (December 2007 CTP)

Next step

ADO.NET Entity Framework and Data Services in action (Part 2: Creating ADO.NET Data Services)

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