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Thursday, November 8, 2012

c# vocabulary

I have probably seen and used the word Encapsulation 4 times in my 20 years of programming.
I now know what it is again, after an interview for a c# job. Even though I have used the public, private, and protected key words in classes for as long as c# was invented. 

I can sill remember coming across the string.IndexOf function and thinking, why didn't they call it IndexAt, or FindIn.

Now with all the new items like Lambda and Rx, Linq, map and pmap etc, etc. I think the more choices there is to do 1 or 2 things 10 or 15 differing ways, the more programmers think to stay with what works and try and leverage the new stuff only when it really becomes beneficial.

For many, the new stuff is harder to read, because programmers aren't use to seeing declarative notation.
I mean I have probably used yield break, twice in my project where it may have been possible to use it many more times. Or the using statement ( not the declaration of namespace references) but inline using. I never really saw a big advantage to this, other than confusion. It is another form of local encapsulation (oh there 5 times used in my programming career) but who's counting?  THE COMPUTERS ARE COUNTING!

In business logic most programming is about displaying lists, selecting items in a list, and sending those choices to some other system or database to keep track of those selections. What makes this difficult is how these items relate to one, each other, and to externally listed items.

Well I probably need to go back to school and learn c# certification so I can say I am an expert in c#. Apparently using all aspects of c# (even unsafe code) in my programming life, doesn't make me certified, just certifiable.

This is a good time to sign off:

windows 8 shortcut link.

I could have used this html for a windows 8 start page.

wow ok win8 still needs some work.

I was on geeks with blogs on win8, and noticed I couldn't create a new post.
Now using chrome with 8 and I am posting.

I am finding things I like about windows 8 and things that I just don't know yet.
Like what's the shortcut key to bring me to a clean legacy desktop?
And also what about those apps that get suspended like the explorer app when you go to mail, and your explorer app was in the middle of downloading a file. So you have to start the download again.

I am impressed with some of the improvements, however I think in order for all these things to be accepted as a matter of well by the masses, chrome or firefox (ie won't do it) needs to upgrade their browsers to work with html5 and css3 fully. Obviously the first group that does that will be the browser of choice for any user.

There are other observations that I am on the verge of making, but I need to research a bit more before making any comments on the new windows store visual studio 12 environment.

Have a good day,
Signing off.


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