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Well, even tho their offense was lacking, LSU still pulled out a win. Honestly, I was kind of embarrassed, tho. Mauck disappointed me. Normally, he's an excellent quarterback and has pretty good pass plays and scrambles. But, for some reason, both were pretty lacking. I know Oklahoma's a good team, but the offense could've worked a lot harder for the win. At least the defense showed up and was ready to throw down.

All in all, it was a pretty good game. We'll see if USC starts raising a fuss. My opinion is that, according to BCS standards, which everyone agreed upon, LSU is the sole national champion. USC has no stake in that claim unless they play LSU, which I would love to see. USC did good, but they didn't win the national championship trophy, LSU did. And, whether the system is fair or not, the fact is that everyone agreed to play under it.

As for the future of the BCS, I think we should keep (and revamp) it, but include a playoff system. Each bowl game could be of a certain caliber each year (just like they decide which will be the nat'l championship) and have each bowl game decide what team will go to the college super bowl or something. That may require a longer season, tho. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

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