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A new feature in Silverlight 3 is the Perspective 3D Transforms. The "Perspective 3D" projection feature is a great approach to animate 2D object by putting into 3D space. You can get more flexibility to see different 3D view of 2D control where user can interact dinamically using slider control.

Note that this is not a real 3D, Silverlight does not support 3D yet.

I have created two video lessons in Mr.Bool learning portal for the silverlight developers how to view 3D perspective projection for 2D object in Silverlight 3. Here, you will find a Silverlight media element rotate from different perspective such as from X, Y, Z axis by supporting center of rotation as well as  global and local offset of X, Y, Z.

It is constructed by Creating a new Silverlight 3 Application using Visual Studio.Net 2008 IDE. Then i added media element control and implemented 3D view dinamically using slider control

E-Learning-VS.Net 2008 Silverlight 3.0-Perspective 3D Animation-Part1-Lesson 04

E-Learning-VS.Net 2008 Silverlight 3.0-Perspective 3D Animation-Part2-Lesson 05


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