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Indexed view techniques and Yukon cache invalidation callbacks.
Regarding PDC, I had a blast! I am pumped about Whidbey, Yukon, Longhorn…everything. Great to be back with my family, Tonya and Ava. Oh and another in beta! The Yukon caching stuff demands a renewed search for “indexed view”-friendly queries. That is, to benefit from Yukon’s cache invalidation stuff, you must follow the constraints of indexed views. Until PDC it was a mystery to me as to how cache invalidation was implemented. In retrospect it is obvious that indexed views ......

Posted On Sunday, November 2, 2003 7:27 PM

PDC: Advanced ASP.NET Caching for 2.0
Rob Howard presented the expanded support for caching in ASP.NET. Two main features were presented: CacheDependency is now extensible. By overriding a small set of virtual methods, you can implement any cache dependency scheme. For example you can call a web service to check the validity of some data. You can use your custom CacheDependency instance to control output caching of a page: Dim myDependency As New MyCacheDependency(...)Respo... The other main feature is ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 28, 2003 6:55 PM

PDC: SQLXML is here to stay
I hammered the SQLXML guys at the PDC today. I want to know whether SQLXML is regarded (rightly) as awesome progressive technology, or merely a step towards either ObjectSpaces or (worse) XML datatypes in Yukon. Some points: SQLXML is not deprecated. It has been ported to fully managed code for Whidbey timeframe. In terms of the internal implementation, it will not depend on FOR XML syntax in the future, but rather on multiple active resultsets and client-side post-processing. Seems ass-backwards ......

Posted On Tuesday, October 28, 2003 12:04 AM

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