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Indigo - use of HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath
I have heard Don Box speak about the caviats of using the Indigo service model. He states that service classes should not use transport-specific API - notably the use of HttpContext. The logic is obvious. The problem is that my ASMX web services must often use XSD files that are in the same directory as the ASMX file. HttpContext.Current.Server.... is used to resolve to a local path. What is the recommended API for doing such resolution without HttpContext? Don, your comments would be appreciated ......

Posted On Sunday, February 29, 2004 6:00 AM

Code Generation for .NET - Enhance the output of XSD.EXE and WSDL.EXE
Have you wondered how the XSD tool and the WSDL tool in the .NET Framework can target numerous managed languages? Internally, it uses a great technology called CodeDOM. CodeDOM is a set of classes in the .NET Framework that facilitate code generation. Here is a sample of CodeDOM in action, generating an Order class. using System;using System.CodeDom;using System.Reflection;public class CodeGenerator { public void GenerateOrderType() { // declare an "Order" type CodeTypeDeclaration decl = new CodeTypeDeclaration("Order"); ......

Posted On Sunday, February 29, 2004 5:24 AM

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