Looking for C# Developers

For those that didn’t know, I have recently left a long run at Thomson Reuters (which is a great company BTW) for a new gig as CIO of Swank Motion Pictures. This company works in the movie distribution business to cruise ships, trains, universities, and more. Some links if you are interested:


and more more more ….

The thing is that there is a lot involved to digitally process and distribute movies. Here at Swank – it is all done using .NET and I am looking to add to the team to support our tremendous growth! Here is the job description:

Position Summary - https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=521432

Swank Motion Pictures is looking for a C# developer [bill - actually many of them] to assist a growing team to work on innovative and leading edge solutions. We are looking for someone to join an existing, motivated and productive development team in delivering enterprise-level solutions.


This position is also responsible for upholding the values and mission of the Information Systems department and the Development team. This includes the establishment of customer service and satisfaction standards. Communication and understanding of customer objectives and our progress toward fulfilling these objectives is paramount to the success of this role. Other responsibilities also include the following:

  • Work on an innovative client-server product using Web Services, and more
  • Work on the latest technologies of .NET 4, WCF, and WPF

Professional Requirements

  • 3+ years of C# experience
  • 3+ years of Windows Forms/WPF development or 3+ years of ASP.NET development
  • Strong knowledge of the Base Class Library
  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming
  • Strong knowledge of web service models
  • Strong knowledge of ASP.NET, HTML, CSS
  • Strong knowledge of documenting technical specifications
  • Experience with .NET 2.0/3.5/4 features
  • Experience with using SQL Server as a backend preferred
  • Experience with video intensive applications preferred
  • Experience with Visual Studio 2008/2010
  • Experience with major third party components preferred
  • Must be a self-starter
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to participate in design and code reviews
  • Must be able to assist team members in the completion of tasks and assignments to ensure project completion

Apply here: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit/?id=521432 and send me a message via my blog contact that you applied.