Visual Studio 2010 Is Here!

I think back to the days of the first versions of Visual Studio (when it was called Visual Studio .NET, remember?) and I think about how far Microsoft has come with this IDE. It really is the best IDE on the market. There is so much to this IDE it is amazing. It now can really handle managing your complete software application development lifecycle. For me, it is (besides Windows 7) the best and most successful product Microsoft has developed.

You can obviously get this now and it is available on MSDN and some other places:

You will also find great info at the Visual Studio Developer Center.

Some other interesting tidbits of info:

In installing this version of Visual Studio, if you have been working on the previous RC builds, then you are going to want to uninstall these previous editions of the 2010 product. You can do this through the Add Remove Programs dialog and you are going to want to select the appropriate item from the long list of Visual Studio items.


You are then going to want to step through the Visual Studio dialog (it will seem as if you are installing it again) – and you will then come to a point where you can select the option to Uninstall the entire application.

If you have installed the Silverlight 4 RC stuff, then you are also going to want to uninstall this and you are also going to want to uninstall the “Update for Visual Studio 2010 (KB976272)” before installing Silverlight RC2 – which you can find on